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VIACORPROFIL - the good address for innovative resin systems

•    From the basic chemistry to the system which is right for the market
•    From laboratory development to an innovative polymer product
•    From prototype to series product ready for manufacture
•    A skilled, experienced team with a personal commitment to our customers
•    Short working and decision-making paths
•    Highly developed quality management

VIACORPORTFOLIO - - the tailor-made product for every application

•    VIASOL coating systems - for industrial and decorative floorings
•    VIASOLDECK - state-of-the-art parking area coatings
•    VIASEALSPRAY COATS - sealing systems
•    VIASANBUILDING PROTECTION - for high-quality concrete restoration
•    PORPLASTIC Sports floor systems - for indoor and outdoor use, sports and games

VIACORPARTNER - ensuring the result is right for the site

•    Long-term partnerships with qualified application companies
•    Application-based project guidance
•    Close co-ordination between application, production and development

Introduced … About us

We are your manufactory for synthetic resins.

VIACOR uses state-of-the-art polymers and liquid plastics such as epoxy resins and polyurethanes to produce a full range of floor coatings from the traditional through to special heavy-duty, conductive, decorative or chemical-resistant systems and even parking deck coatings. Our range is rounded off with sealing and building protection solutions.

We also manufacture PORPLASTIC sports floor systems. Our production is located in Germany and as well in Malaysia for the Asian market.

„What we do makes sense“ 


VIACOR Polymer GmbH is a member of
VIACOR ist Mitglied bei Deutsche Bauchemie

Environmental Statement


With products by VIACOR you also support the aim of lasting construction. Most of our products fulfill the criteria of the German society for lasting construction (DGNB) concerning solvent-and VOC content. On an international level there is the certification system called LEED for comprehensive judgment and certification of buildings, from Green Building council, which is also fulfilled by VIACOR products.

VIACOR Products are produced within the scope of our environmental management system on ecological and economic points of view and fulfil high demands for hygiene and industrial safety.

VIACOR has introduced and effectively applied a environmentally management system according to EN 9001 : 2015 / EN ISO 14001 : 2015

Do you have any questions on sustainable constrution with VIACOR products? We will be please to advise you via e-mail: info@viacor.asia or phone: +603 5131 7777


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